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7 Modules to Relationship Success | Dr. Perrin Elisha

Hello Friends! Aspen Talks Health presents Dr Perrin Elisha, a fitness of Relationships Rewired.

Relationships are our most valuable rewarding parts of our lives and yet they can also be our most challenging aspects.

The ones we love the most can be our deepest source of pain.

Much of this is sourced in our parental modeling of how to show up in relationships and often we recreate our childhood to help our souls evolve.

This interview with Dr. Perrin Elisha is intended to uncover some of these patterns and provide insights into choosing differently.


Quote: I envision a world where people enter their adult life with the most important part of their life… the quality of our relationships, educated with at least the basic understanding of how relationships work.

Sending you healthy wishes!

Dr. Nicola

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