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9 Ways We Can Heal Our Bodies

Whether you have a nasty cold or an autoimmune disease, if you make certain improvements in your life, you can decrease healing time and feel better. So much of what we put into our bodies, from the food we eat, to our thoughts, to the environment, all put stress on our bodies.

When we resolve those stressors, inflammation goes down, and our bodies begin to recover. Finding the root cause of a health problem and integrating all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit can bring you recovery and healing more quickly than you ever thought possible. 

What is the difference between curing and healing?

Curing disease means eliminating it from the body. The reality is that the disease can return if the behavior that caused it continues. However, healing the body is much more effective. When we heal, we’ve changed many things that were sick or out of balance and we are in a happy state, we accept things as they are.

People can heal and not have fully reversed their disease, but they’re doing much better. It’s amazing what healing can do. The body is designed to heal and repair itself – we just need to do the right things to encourage it. 

What are some ways we can heal our bodies?

There’s a lot of different mind-body techniques to use because people are different. Here are five steps that work well:


Yoga is an excellent option, but many people don’t want to go to yoga, and they don’t want to meditate. Maybe they’re lawyers, or they’re high-end business people, and that’s not right for them. 

Bio Electronics

For people like that there are things like heart math or bio electronics. You can get apps where you can see your heart rate and your respiratory rate. You see when your heart rate is erratic, and you are getting too much stimulation from too much stress. The more stress and negative thoughts we have, the more sympathetic stimulation we are having and the more erratic the heart rate. 

Breath Work

Deep breathing exercises are incredibly helpful. Just taking simple deep breaths – breathing in for five counts and out for five counts repeatedly for a couple of minutes in the morning and at night makes a difference to lower stress levels.


Mindfulness involves focusing on one thing and aligning all your senses with it. See it, smell it, touch it, listen to it and taste it. Don’t snack mindlessly. Focus on your food and enjoy it while you’re eating. Mindfulness is all about being more aware.


Meditation is a great tool. There are guided visualizations for meditation now. It’s a good way to get someone into a quiet place. There’s so much evidence that mindfulness is just being present in the moment. You must choose what works for you. Starting in the morning with mindfulness and breathing exercises set you up for a good day. Practicing meditating where your thoughts come in, and you remind yourself to gently go back to breathing. Guided meditation is where you just listen. Music is a form of meditation, so people who just love to play music can do that. You can also dance, or draw, paint, sculpt or write poetry or a letter to your kids – whatever works for you.

Eliminate Toxins

Environmental toxins like diesel fuel, heavy metals in our water, and mold all contribute to illnesses like diabetes and lupus. Previous viral infections, medications, or antibiotics we’re taking now or in the past are known triggers for autoimmune disease. 


Diet is probably the number one contributing factor to disease because we eat so many processed foods and animal products, and many food intolerances have not been diagnosed. They contribute to illness and autoimmune diseases. Gluten and dairy allergies worsen lupus and diabetes. Eat a good breakfast, a nice lunch, and a lighter dinner, and that’s all. Eat until you’re 80% full and then stop. Snacking is not healthy for the gut since much of the day is spent digesting your food.

Food Triggers

Remove food triggers. Fasting and intermittent fasting are helpful to keep blood sugar stable and enjoy higher energy levels. Our bodies repair themselves while we’re not eating. The body focuses on repairing rather than digesting. Break the cycle of food addiction.


Attitude is important. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself if you make a mistake. Forgive others if they do something wrong to you. Never give up!


If you’re not feeling well or if you don’t like where you are or what’s going on with your body, you can take it into your own hands, and you can get your body better. Whatever that means for you, you can participate in your own healing. Celebrate the wins!


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