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How To Use Plants For Radiant Youthful Skin | Julie Levin

Hello Friends! Aspen Talks Health presents Jule Levin, a Medical Herbalist and the developer of an all-natural line of skin care called Leaf People Skincare.

Concerned your beauty products are loaded with chemicals?

Want to learn how to use plants for radiant youthful skin?

Play this video as Jule Levin is sharing her skin care secrets.

The average woman lathers 170 chemicals on her body every day!

That’s a toxic overload that can lead to chronic fatigue and possibly even cancer.

If you can’t eat it… it shouldn’t go on your skin.

For this reason I invited Julie to be my guest.

We discuss which toxic ingredients to look out for and how nature’s botanicals can do a better job of maintaining radiant youthful skin.

Sending you healthy wishes!

Dr. Nicola

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