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Interesting Solutions To Bipolar Disease | Dr. Paul Golden

Hello Friends! Aspen Talks Health presents Dr. Paul Golden, a MD with bipolar disease.

Dr. Nicola interviews Dr. Paul on how to treat Bipolar disease.

He shares his personal journey with this mental illness and his recovery from attempted suicide.

Dr. Paul's Book: My Life as a Physician with Bipolar Disorder.

His website is loaded with articles on all aspects of mental illness.

Learn why ages 65 and older have the highest incidents of suicide 24/100K and how you can help someone suffering from bipolar disease.*

Sending you healthy wishes!

Dr. Nicola

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Find out more about Dr. Paul:

You can purchase Dr. Paul Golden's book here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions of our guests are not necessarily representative of the views and opinions of Dr Nicola or


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