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This option is for patient that would like one-on-one private coaching via WhatsApp or FaceTime.


If you have been diagnosed with cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, or Heart Disease (or would like to prevent those) you have come to the right place!

Dr. Sara Siso and Dr. Nikki Siso (both PhD's in Holistic Health and Nutrition) have designed an immersive 3 week program that will include the following:


Part 1: You will be guided through a health rejuvenating detox protocol.


Part 2: You will be taught how to shop beyond organic and become aware of hidden toxic ingredients in common household products. 


Part 3: You will then learn how to use food as medicine to nourish the body for sustained health and energy. This part includes guidance on preparing delicious meals on the go.


Part 4: Throughout the program, Dr. Nikki will guide you on developing a healthy midnset with her powerful daiy rituals and subconscious reprogramming tools. 


You may contact us to discuss any questions:

Dr. Sara: - 480.760.3387

Dr. Nikki: - 480.939.0111



Once you click the link below and enroll in our next program, you will see a thank you pop up with directions. Please make sure to scan the QR Code and follow the directions. This will take you to a list of questions about your health.


We look forward to being with you on your journey back to health! Love,

Dr. Sara & Dr. Nikki

Reverse Disease One-on-One Virtually

  • You may cancel for a full refund until 48 hours prior to the start date. Once the course begins there are no refunds. We are 100% confident that if you follow the program strictly, you will experience health transformation.

    If you must postpone your start date, you may do so by emailing at least 24 hours prior to the start date. 

  • The fee for a couple is $5000

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