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How To Stop Negative Self-Talk With Neural Biology | Tara Sheahan

Hello Friends! Aspen Talks Health presents Tara Sheahan, a founder of Conscious Global Leadership, a mom of 2, a wife of a CEO, and a competitive athlete.

What to shift from achievement driven to self-love?

Want to quiet the inner critique and heal yourself?

Want to stop obsessing over fearful thoughts?

Then this video is a must watch for you!

In this interview, she teaches us how to heal yourself of disease and go for your dreams.

She shares an intimate story of how she developed ovarian cancer and the lessons it taught her.

Lastly, she shares powerful tools to slow your mind down and catch your thoughts that are causing your suffering.

Quote of the show: “Your thinking is causing your suffering. And your freedom comes from becoming aware of your thinking. All of your thinking is upholding the ego.”

Sending you healthy wishes!

Dr. Nicola

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