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How to Detox and Cleanse Your Body Mind and Soul

Every time we take new resolution with the New Year. We declutter our home and life and booting all the things which do not need in our space. But we never think to clean our mind and soul. With quickly approaching the New Year, there would be no better time to focus on your mental health and mind to get the best feeling in 2020.

Whether you are dealing some problems in your life, fighting with the recession, stress at work or coping up with retrenchment, all such external factors can have a huge impact on your health and mental frame of mind. Life is not determined by what happens to you but the attitude you bring into life will make your life beautiful and happy. Our body and mind are constantly dealing with food, drinks, emotions and thoughts. So, try to make some time for yourself on a regular basis to detoxify your body and clean your mind. Here are few tips to detoxify and cleanse your body mind and soul:

  1. Take a Technology Break: Today, in our life we are very much addicted to electronics items whether it is a computer, Television, mobile or any other electronic devices. So, try to make a low tech-day by turning off all the electronic devices. Go for a walk in a park or open place which is quiet enough so that you can feel refresh. If possible do some meditation. Those who are health concern, try to attend some yoga class or do some yoga at home and also maintain the fitness at home by getting a skipping rope. In this way, you can make your health, body and mind fit.

  2. Try to Cut out the Toxic People from your Life: Do you have some people in your life who always create a negative environment on your surroundings or make you feel worse when you are with them? May be it is your childhood friend or family members but if the relationship is not making you happy, then there is no reason to keep such toxic people in your life. People adding unnecessary stress to your life or affecting other relationships are not good for your soul and mind – cut them loose. They are playing with your mind and soul even more than you are realizing.

  3. Live in the Moment: We all are so much busy in our daily life that we forgot to become happy and joyful. Enjoy the laughter and happiness around you and try to stay with such companies those who can bring smile to your face. Give your energies into what you love to do like picking up any new hobby or making some new handicrafts items or doing some creativities etc. You can only change your future if you can shape your present and forgot your past. So, focus on your present and do whatever you love and what is within your control.

  4. Take proper care of your Body: It is always necessary to have enough water to boost circulation and energy. Shower is also important to remove germs from your body. Soothing bath with warm water with some fruit slices and some essential oils can rejuvenate your spirit. A cold ginger tea with the juice of a lemon wedge can cleanse your body. If you are a coffee drinker, then switch your drink to green tea for the day. Properly feeding your body can only properly feed your mind and soul. Follow a proper diet; take more vegetables and fruits instead of processed junk food and juice. Having an apple and banana everyday in breakfast will feel you strong physically and better in emotionally as well.

  5. Treat yourself in a Spa: If you have time and money, then why not spa a day once in a month. Pamper the whole day by getting a massage t remove those knots which you have built from your personal and professional life stress with some peaceful background music and sip on cucumber and hand out in the spa’s relaxing pools.


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