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How to Get Back to Health in 21 Days

Three Weeks or 21 days – that is all the time which you required to get back into the shape. It has been proved that it takes almost 21-28 days for people to form a new habit. The 21 Day challenge has been committing to make you physically fit by moving your body for 30 minutes every day for 21 days and eating healthy food to form a new healthy habit.

First, you have to go through your past health diet chart and living life and think it deeply. If you have the priority to commencing a purposeful change of your diet, then you must first understand your present regular eating routine by tracking everything which you are eating and drinking for a week. Let go to the stuff which slows you down. Deeply drench your body with unprocessed foods and emphasizing the power of the plant. With the help of the targeted supplements that have been made from real food ingredients, you can up-regulate your inner cleansing systems.

Here we are providing you with a proper diet chart of 21 days to get back to health by doing research and following the guidelines from the top nutritionists of the world. However, if you are already suffering from any health issues, then it is always suggested to seek for the medical clearance before following the guidelines like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Obesity, Hypertension Gastritis, Musculo Skeletal disorder, had any operations and more.

 What Should we Intake every day in our Meal?

Four meals a day need to include:

  1. Protein: 1 palm full of chicken or lamb or duck, or turkey or fish or shellfish or lean beef, pork or eggs.

  2. Fat: A thumb size of seeds and nuts, avocado, some particular oil like olive oil, flaxseed oil or fish oil.

  3. Vegetables: 1-2 handfuls (however, you can measure it with 3-4 table spoons ) of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, green beans, cucumber, asparagus, watercress, spinach, raw carrots, capsicums, bell peppers, tomatoes, watercress, onions, eggplant, zucchini.

  4. Workout and drink shake: Minimum 10 minutes of the workout means you need 0.3 grams of protein per kg of your bodyweight. Drinking shakes can recover your energy faster and help you feel ready to work out again.

  5. Food what you should take: Try to add some less oil and less spicy kebabs, oil-free omelette, scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes grilled mushrooms or eggplants, vegetables and salads in your breakfast. Add Steak and stored fried vegetables, salad, lamb and egg stack, sashimi salad, carrot and onion salad along with fish hash, pork lettuce cups in your lunch. Try to have Prawn kebab, Kale salad, oil-free chicken patties, chicken lettuce cups, salmon with broccoli, chicken shredded with salads, chicken salad in your evening snacks. In dinner, always try to have some light food like the chicken stack, prawns and cabbage, steak fajitas, lettuce tortillas, meatballs on grated carrot, lamb with cauliflower, mince wraps, fish with cucumber salad and something like that.

Foods that need to avoid in those 21 days:

  • All types of dairy products except 100% of whey protein that is required in your daily shake.

  • Avoid Roasted or salted nuts but you must add unsalted nuts in your diet plan.

  • Grains like cereals, oats, wheat, rice etc.

  • Legumes

  • Avoid all types of starchy vegetables including potato, parsnip, pumpkin, kumara and yams.

  • Avoid soy products as these are the source of carbs, not protein. But you can have tamari soy sauce as it does into containing any wheat.

  • Excessive dressing of fats (cheese), salts, mayonnaise need to be avoided in your salad. Try to add herbs to add flavour in your food.

  • Stay away from any fast food, snacks and processed food. Eat unsweetened yogurt, nuts and seeds which are really great for snacks.

  • Add fruits which are darker in skin colour as they have high antioxidants levels and lower glycemic load. Berries and grapes are always better than pineapple and bananas.


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